Beeswax Floral Bloom Pillar


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Spring bloom, year-round with our Floral Bloom Pillar.

A blooming bouquet of 100% beeswax florals, this solid pillar candle has a naturally sweet honey scent (also available in unscented Ivory) and makes a beautiful accent candle for any occasion.

Hand poured with 100% beeswax and made with a cotton wick, the Floral Bloom Pillar burns best when kept out of drafts.

For best results, we recommend burning for at least 2 hours when first lit. Burn on a candle safe plate. Keep the wick trimmed to ¼” and extinguish the flame when the wax pool reaches evenly around the candle’s edge.

Check out The Buzz for more on how to properly burn your pillar!

Material: 100% Beeswax, cotton wick

Dimensions: 2” width core x 3” tall

Color: Natural, ivory

Burn Time: Approximately 25 hours

Design Details: Flower blooms wrapping the core of the pillar