2" Beeswax Pillar


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Embrace simplicity with a timeless beeswax candle classic - The 2” Pillar.

Our 2” pillars will quickly become a favorite for those who enjoy burning their candles for shorter periods of time. They are available in the sizes listed below with their respective burn times:

 For best results, burn for at least 2 hours at a time. Our solid pillars are hand poured, clean burning and environmentally friendly. They are dripless and smokeless when kept out of drafts.

Check out The Buzz for details on how to burn your beeswax pillar candle!  

Material: 100% Beeswax, cotton wick


2" x 4" - approximately 40 hours

2" x 6" - approximately 60 hours

2" x 8" - approximately 80 hours

Color: Natural, ivory

Design Details: Classic pillar candle