Choosing The Right Beeswax Candle - Pillars

Why Choose Pillars? 

Our beeswax pillars are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors! They are a long-burning staple that can be used for any occasion.

Candle wax and wick have a "memory" and will burn out to the same spot each time. To get the most out of your beeswax candle it is important for pillars to have a good first burn and establish a proper "memory ring" in the wax pool

During the first burn, we recommend keeping your candle lit until the wax pool reaches evenly around the candle (about ⅛" from the edge). A good rule of thumb is to keep your pillar lit for one hour per inch wide that your candle is. For instance, if you have a 2" wide pillar, your first burn time will be no less than 2 hours. If you have a 3" wide pillar, your burn time will be no less than 3 hours and may take up to 5 hours for the melt pool to spread evenly from edge to edge.

The pillar is a beautiful, classic, sturdy candle that can be placed on any flat, fire-resistant surface (we recommend using a candle safe plate), and styled for any occasion.

You will want to keep your wick trimmed to ¼”, making sure the flame does not get too high or the excess wick too long. When you notice the flame “dancing”, emitting black smoke, or it just looks a bit too long- you'll know it's time to extinguish, trim, and straighten the wick.

Your pillar, like your loved ones, definitely needs to be hugged. 

As the wax pool gets deeper you will also need to “hug” the top edges of the candle so that it melts back down into the wax pool. Gently press the rim of your candle while the wax is still soft so that the top edge curves slightly over the wax pool. Now your excess wax drips back into the candle rather than down the sides.

If you want a candle that will last for hours, can be styled for virtually any occasion, has a bold but elegant presence, and is sure to garner attention- look no further than the beeswax pillar candle!