Here is a collection of questions we have received from customers regarding our beeswax candles and products over the years. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, feel free to contact us.




Q. Why choose beeswax?

A. Beeswax is a byproduct of the honeybee. It is the only naturally occurring wax in the world. It burns brighter and longer than any other candle waxes. Unlike waxes that may emit toxins when burned, beeswax candles can actually clean the air by emitting negative ions. Burning beeswax is ideal for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Beeswax candles are smokeless and dripless when burned under proper conditions, making them the candle of choice.


Q. Why shop at Toadily Handmade?

A. We are a family owned business who really cares about the quality of our product. Not only do we make the candles ourselves, we actually burn them! A great amount of time goes into testing each candle to ensure they will burn properly. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. In other words, if you are unhappy, we are unhappy. Our employees enjoy making beeswax candles. Each candle is individually hand crafted with respect and appreciation. We truly believe in beeswax and hope we can make the world brighter, one candle at a time.


Q. What kind of candles do you make?

A. Our candles are made using 100% beeswax - ONLY beeswax. We offer solid candles which we individually hand pour ourselves. Our beeswax is lightly filtered to remove debris that could clog the wick. We use 100% cotton wick, manufactured in the USA. Both our wick and our beeswax comes from trusted sources that we have used for over 16 years.


Q. Do you offer hand rolled beeswax candles?

A. We sometimes offer hand rolled beeswax candles for the Advent season. Available during the months of September through January, you can find them in the Advent category on our website.


Q. Why do you sell tea lights in metal and plastic cups?

A. We offer both metal and plastic cups for different reasons. Our tea lights in metal cups are one of our best sellers. People choose metal cups because they are made from aluminum and are environmentally friendly. Once the candle is finished, the metal cup can be recycled. Tea lights in plastic cups are popular for weddings and special events. Our colored tea lights look beautiful in plastic cups and some people prefer plastic cups for aesthetics. Depending on where you live, our plastic cups may be recyclable. Either choice will not affect your candle burning experience.


Q. What is the difference between a tea light and a votive candle?

A. Tea lights and votives are versatile candles and can serve many different purposes. Both tea lights and votives liquify when they burn. Tea lights typically burn for roughly 4 hours and are the ultimate utility candle. They come in plastic or metal cups so they do not require a holder. Tea lights offer a better value in comparison to other candles. They are great for everyday use as well as special events.

Votives burn for 8-10 hours and require a candle holder. Although they are priced higher than tea lights, each votive has the ability to burn twice as long. In addition, they can be extinguished and relit, while tea lights are meant to be burned in one sitting. Votives are an excellent choice for weddings and celebrations.


Q. Do all candles require a candle holder?

A. All candles need a holder of some kind. Tea lights and votives liquify as they burn, so they require a holder to contain the melted wax. Taper candles cannot stand on their own, making it necessary for them to have holders to keep them straight. We also recommend using candle-safe plates or pillar holders with all pillar candles because this protects the table top from potential wax residue. For safety reasons, we always recommend using the proper candle holder.


Q. What is the difference between solid and hand rolled candles?

A. Our solid beeswax candles are hand poured into molds. We have a variety of sizes, designs and colors to choose from. Solid candles are slightly limited based on the design of the mold.

Although we don't sell hand rolled candles year round, we make and offer DIY beeswax candle kits. These include instructions, wick, and beeswax honeycomb sheets to roll your own candles. Due to the honeycomb pattern, there are small air pockets inside of hand rolled beeswax candles. Because of this, hand rolled candles burn faster than solid candles.


Q. Where do you ship?

A. Due to logistical difficulties, we currently only ship within the USA and to APO boxes.


Q. My shipping seems high?

A. When an order is placed online, several factors are involved in calculating the cost of shipping. Our shipping rates are determined by the USPS. Depending on the items ordered, shipping rates fluctuate and may appear inflated in some cases. Sometimes the shipping software calculates large orders to ship in several boxes. However, there are instances where we only use one box, which will reduce the cost of shipping. In this circumstance, the customer will be credited the difference. We use flat rate shipping boxes whenever possible, which may also reduce the shipping rate. If you want to place an order but are discouraged by the shipping fee, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss.


Q. How long will it take before my order is ready to ship?

A. With the exception of tea lights and certain votives, all candles are made when orders are placed. Orders typically ship within two to three days, however, large orders may take longer to complete. Custom orders take longer depending on quantity and specifications. For time sensitive orders, please email or call so we can accommodate your request.


Q. Do you ship in extreme weather?

A. Throughout the last 16 years, we have shipped in hot summer months as well as cold winter months. Our orders are packaged carefully. Depending on the season, we are constantly keeping temperature in mind. During extreme temperatures, we highly recommend selecting Priority Mail as your shipping option. In addition, ALWAYS allow your package to reach room temperature before handling the product.


Q. How do you properly light a beeswax candle?

A. Beeswax candles should always be lit at the base of the wick. Keep the source of the flame in contact with the wick until a small pool of wax develops. We suggest using a utility lighter. We don't recommend using matches because the flame is not strong enough to completely light a beeswax candle. Because beeswax has a high melting point, it must be properly lit to ensure an optimal burn time. We made a video to instruct viewers how to light a beeswax candle.


Q. How often should I trim the wick?

A. The wick should always be kept at ¼". Depending on the size of the candle, this may need to be done several times. It is typically best to trim the wick each time before the candle is lit.


Q. Do you make all the beeswax candles you sell?

A. Yes, we proudly make ALL of the beeswax candles ourselves. However, we do not harvest the beeswax or make the candle molds.


Q. Do you sell candle making supplies?

A. We offer all the supplies needed for you to hand roll your own candles. We sell beeswax honeycomb sheets in various sizes and cotton wick in various lengths. The wick can be used to make solid candles, however we do not sell the molds. We also offer several DIY candle making kits. Our candle kits provide the necessary supplies and even come with step by step instructions. These beeswax candle kits are all inclusive and make excellent gifts.


Q. Where do you get your beeswax from?

A. Our beeswax comes from trusted sources we have been in business with for over 16 years. Our natural beeswax comes from beekeepers located in the USA, primarily in the Midwest. We purchase our ivory beeswax from a company located in the USA but it is sourced from beekeepers around the world. Our beeswax honeycomb sheets are purchased from a family owned business located in Southern California.


Q. Do all beeswax candles smell like honey?

A. No, only the natural beeswax candles smell like honey. The rest of the colors including ivory are all unscented. This is because they are additionally filtered which removes the honey scent. Our natural beeswax is only lightly filtered to remove impurities that may clog the wick, while still retaining the honey scent.


Q. Why are some natural beeswax candles different shades of yellow?

A. Our natural beeswax is made using wax cappings harvested straight from the bee hive. It is lightly filtered to remove any impurities that may clog the wick. The natural shade of yellow will differ from batch to batch based on the plants and flowers the bees were visiting at the time of harvest. When it comes to the color of the natural beeswax, it is entirely up to the bees.


Q. What is the difference between natural and ivory beeswax?

A. Natural beeswax is taken straight from the hive. It is lightly filtered to remove any debris that might clog the wick as the candle burns. The natural beeswax retains the yellow color and the subtle honey scent. The ivory beeswax has been additionally filtered which removes the color as well as the scent. The filtration method is a natural process, our ivory wax has not been chemically bleached.


Q. Why is my beeswax candle dripping and smoking?

A. Although beeswax candles are typically dripless and smokeless when burned properly, there are several conditions that can cause a candle to smoke or drip. For example, when burned in a draft, the candle will drip and smoke. Moving a lit candle can also cause dripping, which is why you should never move a burning candle. If a candle is put out incorrectly or prematurely, it may emit smoke. The correct method for extinguishing a candle flame is to dip the wick into the pool of wax using the proper tool. If the wick becomes too long, it can cause the candle to flicker, smoke or drip. Always keep the wick trimmed to ¼". For proper candle maintenance, click here to see our candle accessory collection.


Q. What is that white film covering my beeswax candles?

A. Over time, beeswax candles will develop a whitish film known as bloom. Bloom is naturally occurring and it indicates high quality beeswax. Bloom does not effect how your candle will burn and can be easily removed from solid candles using a soft cloth.


Q. Why is there a crack on the surface of my candle after burning?

A. When beeswax cools, it shrinks. This can cause a crack to form on the top of the candle. Cracks will not affect the quality or burn time of the candle and are more common with large diameter beeswax candles.


Q. Why do your candles have approximate burn times?

A. All beeswax candles vary in burn time. This is based on width, height, shape and design. Burn times are approximate because the condition a candle is burned in will affect the flame life. Setting plays a large part in the duration of the burn time as well. Even something as simple as the type of candle holder used can affect burn time. The given estimated burn time is based on OUR test burn and this may differ from your experience.


Q. What is mica powder?

A. Mica powder is a non-toxic silicate mineral that has been used for millennia for art application and cosmetics. When applied to the surface of our beeswax candles, it produces a shimmering finish and does not affect how the candle burns.


Q. Why do you sell raw honey?

A. Raw honey is made by the honeybee. Our honey is sourced from a local, family owned business. We appreciate the honeybees and take pride in offering a naturally nutritious delicacy.


Q. What are the benefits of eating raw honey?

A.  Raw honey is jam packed with natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and other nutritional components. Bee pollen and propolis provide much of the nutrition in raw honey. Some store bought honey is pasteurized which drastically reduces the nutritional value. We recommend using raw honey for consumption and all other applications. It can be applied to cuts or burns because it is a natural antibiotic. Raw honey facial masks are an excellent treatment for acne. Raw honey is truly amazing, just like beeswax!


Q. What is your return policy?

A. In the event you wish to return your order, please notify us via email or phone prior to shipping it back to us. Contact us within two weeks after the order was received. Once we receive your return order, we will issue a refund to the original payment method. If we have made an error processing your order, we will gladly pay the return shipping fee. However, those who return an order because of a purchasing error will be responsible for the cost of shipping.


Q. Do you offer bulk discounts?

A. We currently offer bulk discounts for our beeswax tea light and votive candles, providing attractive price breaks when up to four boxes are purchased at one time. If you are planning on purchasing an item in a large quantity, please contact us.


Q. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

A. We do not offer wholesale pricing at this time.