2½" Beeswax Pillar


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Admire the allure of beeswax with the 2½" Pillar Candle!

The simplistic nature of this pillar makes it a great candle for every day use. Each pillar is individually hand poured with 100% beeswax and made with a cotton wick. Available in natural and ivory.

With two sizes available, this candle is a viable choice for setting arrangements. Select from 2½" x 4¼", which burns for approximately 40 hours, or 2½" x 5¼", which burns for approximately 50 hours. We recommend burning candles of this width for at least 3 hours for best performance. Remember to trim the wick to ¼".

Beeswax is a healthy alternative to other types of candle wax. It is clean burning, environmentally friendly, and dripless and smokeless when kept out of drafts.

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