Beeswax Trinket Holder


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A buzz-worthy place to store your trinkets!

Crafted entirely from 100% beeswax, this charming container offers a unique way to keep jewelry or small pieces safe.

Honeycomb decal around the outside and a detailed honeybee on top highlight nature’s architecture. Whimsical, rustic, and functional this piece is a wonderful addition to any jewelry or trinket collection and is the perfect size for small earrings, rings, delicate necklaces, pins, buttons and more. Enjoy the subtle, sweet aroma of honey each time you open the lid and the natural durability of pure beeswax. 

Material: 100% beeswax

Dimensions: 3” wide by 2½” tall

Color: Natural, ivory

Design Details: Honeycomb decal on the side, honeybee on the lid