Beeswax Tea Lights in Ivory - Free Shipping!


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Save on our Beeswax Tea Lights and buy in bulk.

Our ivory tea lights are naturally filtered, removing the original yellow shade of beeswax. Off-white in color, they are unscented, non-toxic and clean burning. Great for the air you breathe.

These candles have a cotton wick and are available in a metal or plastic cup. They measure 1½" x ¾" and will burn for approximately 4 hours when kept out of drafts.

1 box (36 Tea Lights) $42.99
2 boxes (72 Tea Lights) $76.99 — save $8.99
     3 boxes (108 Tea Lights) $106.99 — save $21.98
     4 boxes (144 Tea Lights) $136.99 — save $34.97

All prices include free shipping.