Today is National Honey Bee Day!

Today we celebrate the hard working honey bees! 

National Honey Bee Day

Did you know honey bees are assigned jobs based on their age?

The days of a worker bee's life are spent like this:

Emoji 1-2 days old, they spend their time cleaning cells.  Interestingly, they start with the cell they were born in. After that, they keep the brood (unborn bees) warm.

Emoji 3-5 days old, they feed the older larvae.

Emoji 6-11 days old, they feed the youngest larvae.

Emoji 12-17 days old, they take on a few tasks such as producing wax, building comb, moving food around the hive, and performing undertaker duties.

Emoji 18-21 days, they perform guard duty by protecting the hive entrance.

Emoji 22 days until they die (40-45 days), they leave the hive to collect pollen, nectar and water, all while pollinating flowers at the same time.

The bees pictured have come to visit the studio and check out our beeswax candles!

Learn more about these amazing pollinators and celebrate them every day Emoji