Toadily Handmade’s – Make Your Own Candles Contest

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First off, we would like to take a moment to say we appreciate your business! The only qualification for this contest is that you purchase the candle supplies from us.

We sell candle kits that contain everything you need as well as the beeswax sheets and wick separately. You can find these in the links below:

The Rules Are Simple

Enjoy making your candles! Remember to Bee creative! Bee

Post a photo of your finished masterpiece to our Facebook wall at Photos can be of a single candle or an arrangement made from multiple beeswax sheets.

Remember to LIKE your post so your friends and family can give you a thumbs up. Facebook Thumbs Up

All entries submitted in each individual month will be judged by the Toadily Handmade staff on the 2nd of the following month (i.e. photos posted in April will be judged on May 2nd).

The 1st winner will be judged solely on the pictures themselves and the candles in them. Judges will be looking at overall presentation, creativity, craftiness and bee-uty.

The 2nd winner will be based on how many likes their post has.

Only 1 photo per month and/or per household can be submitted. You can submit an additional photo the following month, but it cannot be the same candle/photo you’ve already submitted.

The winners each month will receive a gift certificate of $25 which can be used on anything in our store!

Candle Kit Collage