Celebrating 11 Years

We have been making beeswax candles for 11 years!

The website launched in 2006 but the idea was born in November, 2005 at a craft fair with one of my closest friends. She picked up a pair of beeswax honeycomb tapers that were for sale and whispered "I bet you can make these." I bought some supplies online that night and that's when it all began.

I'm fortunate to have extremely supportive parents who raised me to believe I can do anything I put my mind to, a business-savvy brother who helps me make smart decisions, a husband who is patient with my long hours, and during the last 6 years both of my sons helped with the business until they found their own passion. We truly are a family business.

In the early years we developed relationships with beekeepers and suppliers, searched for unique candle molds and tested countless wicks.  Throughout the years our goal has always been to create candles that are not only beautiful, but burn beautifully.  I'm proud to say that many of the companies we work with are also family businesses.

And we have the best customers, some of you have been with us from the beginning!  It's because of you we get to do what we love. We are grateful to all of you who helped make it happen, we couldn't have done it without you!