Are you prepared?

Power Outage

My neighborhood had a power outage yesterday that lasted 16-hours!

Darkness isn't the only challenge during an outage. No electricity changes the family dynamic completely. Because everyone was "unplugged", we were able to have some quality family-time which turned out to be quite peaceful and relaxing.

I make beeswax candles, so I should always have candles at home right?

Well, that wasn't the case yesterday. One of my neighbors even called asking to borrow some! It seems whenever I take candles home to put away for an emergency, they somehow get used throughout the year. I did manage to find enough to get us through the night, but it was a lesson learned.

Natural Candle Display

Everyone should have a supply of emergency candles set aside. Any candle will do, but I think tea lights or votives are the best. They are self-contained, don't drip or spill, and they extinguish themselves when they are done burning.

Prepare Properly, Make Sure To Have Plenty Of Candles On Hand!