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Moving Forward in 2019

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Spring is a season of change, and we are embracing this opportunity to re-evaluate our product line. 

As much as we love them, the time has come to discontinue our hand rolled taper and pillar candles. This decision didn't come easy! In fact, it's taken over a year to put into action.

It is our pleasure making quality beeswax candles for you, your friends and families. As most of you know, we are a family-owned business. Family support has been a major contribution to our success. A lot has changed over the last 13 years. We have gained family members and we just recently lost one. As life has changed, our business is naturally adapting to these changes.

If you are a hand rolled candle lover, now is the time! Stock up on your favorite colors and sizes of our beeswax honeycomb candles through the end of March. (Orders may take longer to complete this month, please let us know if yours is time sensitive.)  For those who genuinely enjoy hand rolled beeswax candles, please consider our beeswax honeycomb sheets and roll your own candle kits. We encourage everyone to give it a try!

We are also excited to announce that we will be expanding our line of solid candles. We are currently in the process of test burning our latest products. A new assortment of solid tapers, pillars and votives will be showcased on our website in the coming months. Again, thank you for your loyalty and continued support. We take pride in our work with beeswax and we look forward to fulfilling your Toadily candle needs.

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Celebrating 11 Years

We have been making beeswax candles for 11 years!The website launched in 2006 but the idea was born in November, 2005 at a craft fair with one of my closest friends. She picked up a pair of beeswax honeycomb tapers that were for sale and whispered "I bet you can make these." I bought [...]

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Our candles have been featured in the Fall issue of Modern Magazine!

We are so excited to share our feature in the Fall issue of MODERN Magazine, a New York City-based publication focusing on contemporary and 20th century design, architecture, and decorative and fine arts. Each issue has a segment exploring the history of an everyday object, and in the Fall issue they explored the history of [...]

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Choosing The Right Beeswax Candle - Votives

Available in a variety of colors, our clean burning beeswax votive candles are the perfect choice for weddings and special events!  Simple yet elegant, votive candles require very little assistance when burned properly.  Like tea lights, votives are meant to liquefy as they burn.  Just as a tea light fits snug inside its holder, a votive [...]

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Choosing The Right Beeswax Candle - Tea Lights

I've always had a love for candles.  I remember moving into my first apartment and immediately buying an assortment of candles.  That was a long time ago, but I vividly remember watching them burn, hugging the sides so they would burn evenly, trimming the wick, basically caring for them as they burned.  Fast forward to [...]

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Chartreuse is the New Chic!

We are jumping for joy to be featured in the Spring issue of Martha Stewart Weddings!When it comes to planning the details of your wedding, choosing the perfect color combo is at the top of the list.  We are toadily excited to share that our hand rolled tapers were selected as unique (and chic!) wedding favors [...]

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2014 Christmas Giveaway

Due to Christmas, the months of November and December are by far our busiest months of the year. During this time, we focus on getting all orders out in a reasonable amount of time. This can be quite a challenge considering most of our candles are made as each order is placed! But what is [...]

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DIY - Create Your Own Fall Themed Candles With Simple Materials

We are going to show you how to make any candle look great during the fall season. We are using beeswax candles, of course! We decided to use a Natural colored candle in this tutorial because it looks great with our other fall decor. STEP 1 - What You Need There are a few different things you [...]

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Toadily Handmade’s – Make Your Own Candles Contest

First off, we would like to take a moment to say we appreciate your business! The only qualification for this contest is that you purchase the candle supplies from us. We sell candle kits that contain everything you need as well as the beeswax sheets and wick separately. You can find these in the links below: View [...]

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Wishing All You Mom's Out There A Very Happy Mother's Day

Only Moms know how much work it takes to be a good mother, so why not reward yourself with our 100% Natural Beeswax Candles.Treat yourself to 10% off your next purchase by using the discount code MOMROCKS (all caps). This offer is good through May 12 and is only available to our subscribers and most [...]

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