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DIY - Create Your Own Fall Themed Candles With Simple Materials

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We are going to show you how to make any candle look great during the fall season. We are using beeswax candles, of course! We decided to use a Natural colored candle in this tutorial because it looks great with our other fall decor.

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STEP 1 - What You Need

Step One - What You Need

There are a few different things you will need for this:

  1. Double Sided Craft Tape - we used "Provo Craft Terrifically Tacky Tape"
  2. A Solid Pillar Candle
  3. Assortment of Dried Bean

The Provo Craft Tape works nicely because it is extra sticky and thin. It's about 1" wide, and we find this the perfect size.

We used an assortment of dried beans for this. They included Lima Beans, Navy Beans, Pinto Beans, Kidney Beans, Split Peas, and Corn Kernels.

STEP 2 - Apply Double Sided Craft Tape Around Candle

Step Two - Applying Tape to Candle

Simple enough, wrap a single strand of tape (or multiple if you want more beans to stick) around the entire solid pillar candle. Our double sided crafting tape has a thin, red layer protecting one of the sides. This must be removed after the tape is applied to the candle.

STEP 3 - Roll The Candle Over Scattered Assortment of Beans

Step Three - Rolling Candle in Beans

The easiest way we found is to scatter the dried beans on a flat surface. After, take your candle and roll it around on top of the beans until every sticky surface is covered. This will give you a nice random assortment.

The Final Results

Final Results Picture

And that's it! You can be really creative with this by coordinating different colored beans with different candles. These candles are great for Thanksgiving and for Fall in general. Hope you all liked our tutorial!

This tutorial is for display candles only. If you choose to burn them, make sure you remove the tape and beans before lighting.

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